Complete Rooms

hite avola in cut n edge and sliding doors. 

A small space made bigger with light colours and mirrors. The mackintosh cut glass adds some depth to the mirrored door. The White avola board has hues of greys, creams and white and with a pewter handle and soft grey headboard this finishes the room off beautifully.


 Another happy Customer! These Images show a full bedroom designed in our hinged cut n edge range. Manufactured in our workshop in Stockingford, Nuneaton. The colour is our ever so popular white avola with sparkly handles to finish off the look. There wasn’t a lot of room for bedside tables and a compromise was made to have more hanging space and shelves for charging phones at the bottom instead.


We are fortunate enough to have a professional photographer as a customer who recently had his bedroom fitted by us... (Tommy James Photography)  Check the photos out! Brilliant photos, and naturally we think the wardrobes aren’t bad either.



This customer had a through room/dressing room and main room filled with our beautiful driftwood greys and stone grey gloss doors. Mirrors on the doors where the height was forgiving helped to brighten up the room more. This with the aid of their soft monochrome coloured furnishings and perfectly located velux windows makes this closed in space look bright and airy.


This customer had one floor in the home and space was a premium. The best space for a multipurpose area like this was their bedroom. With these colours and door styles and the customers great taste for design, all was achieved immaculately. If we do say so ourselves!



A great use of this space for this customer, whilst still sustaining the aesthetics. A two tone anthracite high gloss finish doors and wood effect cabinets. The wood effect helps to keep accessories in the room timeless whilst still achieving the look they wanted to get with the colour doors



Sliding doors white avola panel, Silver mirror, Steel Titanium frame. This customer now has a huge amount of storage in just one room. Using a whole wall instead of most of it makes a big difference in t your storage as double hanging can be achieved. So from your clothes and shoes, to your ironing board and hoover. No space can’t be conquered with our advice and experience. Another Happy Customer!!



A very small space made to look a lot bigger, with light gradients of whites and grey's. A contrasting handle to finish off this dream room!



A garage conversion further converted into a walk in wardrobe. This unusual space lent itself to be filled with rails and shelves and just doors as a front to allow for the most space without creeping into the room any more than was needed. A mirror is on the back of the very left door as this I where the side panel of the shelves are and was a perfect space to hide it away from the glare of the window. This is Winchester oak in colour and is in our cut n edge range. Manufactured in stockingford Nuneaton by our fitters.