Clark Deco

It’s just beautiful, I’m so, so happy with it

Mr and Mrs Clark came to Easyfit Wardrobes for some guidance and advice for their bungalow.

For anyone that has ever lived in a bungalow you will know how storage is a premium and every inch can make a difference. This is exactly what we sought out to achieve. The room has been designed to include a mix of both hinged and sliding wardrobes.

This allowed this family to have storage for 2.5m of short hanging, 40cm of long hanging, 1m of drawer space, nearly 7m of shelf space and a nicely hidden T.v. The end of their bed was no longer restricted by drawers opening onto them, as they could slide a door horizontally instead. The corner unit then sat next to their sliding wardrobe giving them a further 1m of short hanging space around the corner, whilst matching the other side of their room effortlessly. 


It’s now timeless!

The light tones of creams, greys and white has allowed this room to be versatile for any coloured furnishings/décor to be accessorised with over the years of it being there.

The mackintosh mirror in the sliding door worked as a centrepiece, breaking up it’s linear pattern with its art deco influences. 


Customer Comments

 “I don’t know how you’ve done it but there is more space at the end of the bed than before!”

“It’s just beautiful, I’m so, so happy with it”


Staff comments

“We went back and forth on this job before the installation was booked to make sure this job was going to meet it’s expectations and we are delighted with the results”.